Friday, September 18, 2009

Design Flavr

I found this site when I was searching for some design inspiration and I didn't leave dissatisfied. Designflavr is a good site to get inspiration for any type of work whether it be for a website, typography, digital art, or just random artwork. This site breaks down the artwork for you so you don't have to search forever for something; you can go right to what you are looking for. Or, just browse the entire site, because even if you are looking for something for a website, you might find inspiration from another piece of art that isn't web based. Also, when you click on a piece of art work you like, it gives you the entire piece and who it was created by. AND.... it gives you a list of other artwork you might like based on the piece you clicked on. AWESOME!!! This way you don't have to keep searching for the same look and feel, it just gives it to you. I like this feature because there is nothing worse than finding something you like, but then having to keep searching for another work that's similar; this makes that process much faster.

Also, for you people who like to say something about everything, there is a comment section. I don't post comments myself, but I do like reading what other people have posted and what their thoughts are about the art.

I'm not only inspired by their site and what they provide, but I'm also inspired by their logo. I'm in a Corporate Identity class right now and we are redesigning logos and designflavr's logo really caught my eye. It has a retro feel and its fun and playful. It works well with their overall design of their website.

I hope you visit their site, because I think you will be inspired too!

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