Thursday, November 19, 2009

lounge lizard

I was just browsing the internet looking for some inspiration for my final project in my Flash class and I came across a cool site called Lounge Lizard. I actually found a link to it off another site called The Best, from their featured designers page. Anyways, what I liked about the Lounge Lizard website right off the bat was their "loading page" bar. It was a beer mug being filled with beer corresponding to the percent the page was loaded to. It didn't take very long to load so the animation was very clean and smooth. On the home page you are looking at a table, from birds eye view, with various objects on it (many of which are costers). Some of the object are links and when you rollover them they rotate a bit. My favorite rollover is the candle, which has a flame animation on it. When you rollover it, the flame goes out. When you rollover it again, your mouse becomes a lit match and the candle relights. Saaaaweeeeeet!

When you click on one of the links (a coster) your taken to that page. Another scene is given to you. A book lays closed on the table and list of the other links is on a piece of crumpled paper (web link). When you click on the book it opens to their portfolio for that link and you can flip through the pages. All the other links have different ways to look at their portfolio (i.e. their print link has pages laid out with images on them and they have their crop marks as well. Each crop mark is distinct to each piece you see.

I just think this is a really cool site all together, even if your just browsing through. This site gives me a lot of inspiration for my online portfolio project. Anybody who wants to include flash or build their site in flash should take a look at this site. It's put together exceptionally and the whole look and feel of the site works great. It's seldom you come across a website that was built really well.

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