Monday, November 30, 2009

The Hardest Game Ever

So I got bored one day.... yeah, somehow I got bored even with all the work I have to do with finals coming up... and came across a game called The Hardest Game Ever. When you first look at it, it doesn't look hard at all, but you will soon realize it is in fact the hardest game ever. There are 30 levels and each lever gets harder and harder.

The object of the game is get from one end to the other. You are a red square and you must avoid the blue balls. Also, you must collect the yellow balls on your way. You must make your way from the green area you start at to the last green area. Some levels have multiple green areas (these are considered safe zones). If you touch the blue balls, you die and start at the beginning of that level. However, if you reach a green area and then die, you start at the last green area you reached (kinda like checkpoints). You are not given a certain amount of lives, the game just keep track how many times you died, because the amount of deaths you rack up will surprise you.

The furthest I made it was level 10 and had over 700 deaths. I was unable to beat level 11 and by the time I reached it I had spent too much time on the game. I wasn't bored that's for sure, but you will get very frustrated. I'm sure if I went back and played the game again I would have less deaths because I would know how to beat the levels and I would get through them more quickly. You definitely have to have patience with this game and strategize each level before diving in.

I found this site a bit inspirational because as simple as the concept is, it is a very complex game. Plus, I never lost interest which is something artist aspire to get from their work.

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