Friday, December 4, 2009

Freelance Switch

Yet again I found a "design inspiration" site. This one is called Freelance Switch. Where I found inspiration was in one of their blogs called "34 Places to Get Design Inspiration Online & Off". The listed 15 websites, 10 books, and 9 things to do – all for the person with designers block (which is every designer at some point in time)! I have even blogged about a couple of the sites they list and have come across a few others as well, such as Kuler, The Best Designs, and Smashing Magazine. They list a site called Deviant Art and I have actually used some of their brushes. The first book the list is called "1000 Graphic Elements" which is part of the "1000" series and this is definitely a really good book. A previous co-worker of mine has a few of these books and uses them all the time. Basically, they list a lot of good places to get inspiration.

The site's design itself isn't as inspiring. It's very industrial looking and not very creative except for their little mascot person. I guess the only thing that is fun about the site besides the mascot is the green color they use. There could be a reason behind this design. Maybe they didn't want to compete with the sites they were listing as inspirational. I don't know. But what I do know is that if I was making a site about inspiration I would want my site to be inspirational as well, but I am not inspired by the design of this site. I am, however, inspired by the content the present. What do you think?

Another feature about their site their Jobs page. What's great about this is that people and companies post job positions that are available for those who are in the design world. You click any job you happen to be interested in and it gives you a description of the job, etc. At this point you have the option of applying for this job right from the site. The downside is you have to be a current member of Freelance Switch to apply for jobs, however, it's a good thing if you ARE a member because these jobs are exclusive to you and other members (minus any other advertisement of the jobs).

All in all, I think this site has great content, but needs to amp up their own site.

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