Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Design Inspiration

I was searching the web for some general design inspiration when I happened to come across a really cool site called The Design Inspiration.... fitting name if you ask me. They have categorized their stuff into sections such as Logo design, Illustration Art, Website Showcase, Fonts, Photos, Patterns, and Inspirational Articles. Plus, they are updated daily so there is something new everyday. For each section they give you a handful of thumbnails to allow you to preview what type of art they have. So, if you want to view all of their fonts for example, you can choose "view all" and you will be given all the fonts they have (to view that is).

When you click on a specific thumbnail you are then given a larger view of that example along with who posted. There is even a section where visitors can post their thoughts or comments about the selected font, photo, etc.. The site also gives you related fonts, photos, etc. to the one that was selected, which I think is a good feature because you could be looking for a specific look and feel, but the font you chose wasn't exactly what you were looking for, so now with this feature, you can check out what else they have that has the same look and feel without having to search through the entire stock. This saves a lot of time.

The fact that artists can post/submit their own work onto this site is good because it gives them recognition for their work and exposure for their career. That's always something to think about.... how to market yourself.

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