Friday, October 2, 2009


I have been using a site I was introduced to at the beginning of this semester and it's called Kuler, which is by Adobe. This site provides color themes that can be used for any project. Kuler is a great site because it provides you with a color scheme instead of you going through your color swatches trying to find just the right colors that go together and illustrate the feeling you are trying to achieve. It saves a lot of time, especially for me because I'm the type of person that would go through my entire swatches palette and not be satisfied with the colors I've chosen and end up starting all over. Kuler does that process for you, all you have to do is pick the color theme you like best. Even then, you don't have to go with the exact colors they give you. You can easily adjust the colors to your liking.

Kuler doesn't just give you a list of color schemes, it categorizes them for you, from most popular, newest, highest rated, and random. Also, if you search a color, it will give you a lot of themes to choose from that have that color in it and all variations of that color. ( i.e. if you search red, you will gets results like hot red, vintage red, or spice cabinet). Even cooler is if you search multiple colors at the same time because it will give you those colors in various shades and tints that compliment each other.

So, if you're ever having trouble deciding on colors or can't find just the right match, visit Kuler.

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