Thursday, October 15, 2009


So we started a new project last week and we are developing an e-commerce site. Me and Kristy are working together on this project for which have decided to do a site for invitations and whatnot. The idea behind it is to have pre-made templates and to allow the customer to personalize the cards. While researching for this project we found some pretty cool sites to give us ideas on how to structure the site and what type of content we want to include.

One great website we came across was Inkd. They don't sell the same stuff as we want to sell, but the look and feel of the site is very professional and I like the way they have it structured. It is very easy to navigate through. We have decided to include a feature that allows designers to submit their own designs/templates to us in which we would buy (if we liked the design or didn't have one like it already) and they would get a certain percent commission for every time someone used their design. Inkd has this feature as well and I like how they have set it up. It is not structured the same as the rest of the pages, which helps distinguish this section from the rest of the site.

Our site will be slightly different, other than the content, with how customers will be able to customize the design. Inkd provides a set look with a template and sells that template. We want to allow our customers to change colors, amount of photos used, style, etc. to what they want and not be restricted to a certain look.

Inkd is a great site for businesses looking to create a look and feel for their company.

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