Friday, October 23, 2009


Again me and Kristy found a great site for inspiration for our e-commerce site we are currently working on in web design 2. The site is called Minted. This is a great site and what I like about this site is, like Wedding Paper Divas, they have images fading in and out to showcase their products. I absolutely love this feature. Like other websites I've come across with card products they have a drop down menu in their main navigation. I want to incorporate this feature in our site as well.

They have a section called 'Design Challenge' which is similar to what we want to do, but not quite. We want to allow members only to submit their designs to us in which we will buy them if we feel they are something we want. What they have is like a competition, which is fun, because the winners get money and everybody gets recognition and exposure. We might do something like this later, but for now were sticking with our first idea.

The color scheme goes well with their company name and it's not overpowering. The overall design of the site is professional and easy to navigate. This site is something to aspire towards.

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